June favorites

Hello sunshines! ♡

Now. . . I know it’s been a while since I last posted something, but it’s been really hectic lately with my uni exams. But since it’s June, I thought that a ”June favorites” post is what I was looking for.

So here are my top 4 favorite things this month! 

1. Timotei ‘Precious oils spray’ ;


‘Precious oils’ by Timotei is a rejuvenating mist, containing argan oil, almond oil and jasmine flower extract. I love products that are made with nature ingredients. This is my favorite at the moment. It doesn’t contain any harmful parabens and comes in a nice and very handy bottle. The mist can be used on either dry or wet hair, it protects your hair from heat and makes them shine! Also, it is a very good choice for the beach (since it’s summer), cause it protects your hair from sun radiation.


2. Garnier body, ‘Intensive 7 days’ lotion ;


My new favorite body lotion! Seriously. . I   L O V E  I T!! This lotion is enriched with L- Bifidus + Shea Butter, and it’s suitable for all types of skin, especially dry. Your skin will feel soft and moisturized all day, it smells great and it has a very reasonable price. I used to have really dry skin, especially on my legs, and now that summer is here, who wants to have dry skin?! But after using this body lotion my skin started to feel soft, smooth and not at all as rough as before! The difference is truly visible! I totally recommend this product if you are not already familiar with it!!


3. Stradivarius, ‘High waist jean shorts’ ;


No1 trend for summertime! I choose High-waist, ripped denim shorts for my casual, yet stylish, outfits. A wardrobe is never complete without one! This one is from Stradivarius, it has ripped bottom, and it’s a little distressed on the right back pocket. It’s a perfect fit!



Here I combined it with a simple white tee from Pull and Bear.

4. Bershka ‘Stripped shirt-top’


Last, but not least, a white shirt with light blue stripes. It’s cropped and it has this really cute bow at the bottom left side. Matches perfectly with my new high- waisted denim shorts, creating an almost pin-up look!

There it is! My top 4 favorite things this June! Hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon on the next one!!

Don’t forget to write your comments on the section below, I would love to hear your favorite things this month!

With lots of love,

F. ♡♡


How to start your weekend the right way !

Hello sunshines ! ♡

What have you been up to this last week? I’ve been a little busy lately, writing essays and preparing for the upcoming exams. But today I wanted to share with you guys my favorite things to do on weekend mornings !

Weekends are for relaxing, having some time off to escape your everyday routine and regaining strength for the week ahead. So I think it is really important to start our weekend the right way !

Here is what I like to do when I wake up on weekends step by step;


First things first ! Everybody enjoys a good beverage in the morning. Some prefer a cup of tea, some drink a really stimulant smoothie. But no, not for me ! Nothing is better than the smell and taste of a good cup of coffee. I like it black with a little bit of sugar.




My breakfast is not complete though, without my favorite porridge. I like my oats made with milk, honey, almonds, raisins, cashews and cranberries. Spray a little bit of cinnamon on top and it’s perfect!

IMG_20170509_195710_800.jpg 20170509_200045-01.jpeg


Okay this is not something that I do only on weekends, but it is included in my everyday routine ! Everybody needs inspiration and you can find it everywhere. Whatever inspires you – fashion, architecture, design – you can find it pretty easily nowadays. Reading blog posts and watching inspiring videos on Youtube is one of my favorite things to do while enjoying my breakfast. I find it perfect to start your day positively and motivated.

( Leave me a comment if you’d like to see a post of my top 5 blogs at the moment!! )


Kinfolk magazine


A new kind of love


Jenny Mustard (Youtube channel)


I am not the type of person that loves working out, going to the gym etc. What I like to do is just walk a little bit around the city. A long morning walk has both physical and psychological benefits. For those who seek exercise but are too lazy to go to the gym ( I belong to this category myself ), walking is the best way to burn some calories and help your metabolic system to work perfectly. On the other hand morning walks are a great way to start your day; it helps you to clear your mind, relax and see things clearly. After a refreshing stroll in the streets you are full of energy, great ideas and in the perfect mood to continue your weekend creatively!


Well I think that is all I have to say. I would love to hear what do you like to do on weekend mornings! Tell me in the comment section down below !! Until the next time…

With lots of love,


Nostos; A beautiful petite café!

Hello sunshines!♡

What have you been doing since we last met? I am no longer at my village, but I sure miss it!

One of the many things I miss, is waking up in the morning to run errands and ending up in my favorite coffee-shop. Everybody needs a cup of good coffee in the morning, ’cause “adulting is hard”. And the best to achieve that is taking your coffee in a nice and cozy environment!

Nostos is a quite old coffeehouse in the village. I remember it since I was a little girl. Lately they renovated it and I absolutely love what they’ve done with the place! The decorations, the textures, the colors are amazing and all well put together. Wooden roof, a concrete gray wall and a stone wall. The combination is just perfect. It creates just the right atmosphere to enjoy your morning coffee, along with a great view of the sea across the street.



The gray concrete wall is combined perfectly with the wooden details on the furniture and the decorations, and with the gray/lilac-colored pillows on the couches. Wooden tables and benches and chairs with big brown cushions and metallic details, and some white metallic ones, complete this awesome decor.


The space is limited but the big windows fill it with plenty of light, which makes you feel like you are sitting outside, under the clear blue sky.

Even if it’s winter and the weather is cold, you can still be warm and cozy but you can also enjoy a great view of the sea, very beautiful and very soothing.



Last but not least, I am really pleased with the coffee and of course the service. Plus they always offer you little delicious homemade sweets!


What’s your favorite coffee-shop at your hometown/village?

See y’ all on the next post!!

{ Photos by Mike Kar and me }

With lots of love,

F. ♡♡

The start of something beautiful !

Hello loves and welcome to my little world !! The world of a 20-year-old girl, who lives in Greece. I’m currently a student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in the department of History and Archaeology. And now you are all wondering what the heck am I doing here..?!

Well, as you can imagine by the title of my blog, I’m here to blog about things that make me happy, things that I love, things that make me be myself. I know the fact that nowadays blogging has become very popular and many people write about their lives and what makes them happy and anybody could think that I’m not doing anything special or unique. But sharing your thoughts and ideas is something beautiful and anyone who would like to participate, can do so.

This is my very first post here and I don’t really know what to say. The only thing I can say for sure, is that I’m quite excited about it but also a little bit “scared”. Since it is my first attempt of doing something like this, I don’t know what to expect. That is what I’m hoping to find out with you by my side, if you are willing to join me on this crazy journey.

Now, I might not be entirely sure what I’ll be blogging about, but as I said before, it will be about stuff that inspire me and hopefully will inspire some of you! I would love to hear your ideas and advice on this new chapter of my life. That is why I’m inviting you to write your thoughts and opinions on the comment section down below !! And if you like the idea so far please give it your love and support.

I think that’s about it for now. Hope you have a great day (or night) and I will see you soon, on my next post !!


With lots of love,